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Darren Wertz has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place.  Note property tax rates in Ridgefield where I have been on Council.

Please read the Blog below  for Platform Issues.

United By A Common Goal

Darren Wertz knows the value of being in community. He knows and respects the amount of work we have to do to pay our taxes.

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I can't win this race without your help. Flyering, getting the word out, donating  both time, money and talents are all ways of helping us achieve the goal of a more responsive government.

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Your support and contributions will open the process to needed change.  Thank you for helping get us to better government.

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Elected Experience

Three terms as Ridgefield City Council. 


 Sr. Economist for NPRDC, and Clark PUD. Land use and Planning Consultant. Real estate Commercial Broker and property/business valuations – Forrest E Olsen, Coldwell Banker. Comparing appraisals and doing Property valuation/tax appeals – 12 years Clark County Board of Equalization. 


BA Economics UCSD, MA Economics U of O, 100-500 professional series with IAAO (International Association of Assessing Officers)

Community Service:

 Ridgefield Planning Commission, Fort Vancouver Regional Library Board, East Vancouver Rotary, American Legion Post 44, Columbia Council BSA, Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, CREDC Board. 




We live in the best part of the best country in the world. We run government services off of property taxes.  Owning property is a right we enjoy, an expression of individual independence and part of being a good citizen. It is time our interests were better represented in the government that lives off of us.

If you elect me you will put a member of the taxpayer team with taxpayer views in the game. We will have some say, rather than just pay the rent.

I will ensure that the legislated roll back of property taxes next year is fairly distributed. I will institute policy and propose legislation where necessary to: 1. Keep people from being taxed out of their homes 2. Encourage remodel and upgrade of existing structures 3. Reduce the impact of development on surrounding properties.

Do you honestly agree with your property valuation? Think your taxes are fair? If not, can you do anything about it? You can vote. It is time for a change. Put a fresh perspective in county government. Vote for me Darren Wertz for Clark County Assessor.

Contact Information: Email: electwertz@gmail.com Domain: Wertz4U.com

About Me

It is about Community

If I haven't met you yet you probably wonder who the heck I am.  Rather than  try to invent a "political" answer here is an article written about me for the Ridgefield City quarterly publication.  It pretty well covers my personal information.  More Assessor specific information to follow the primary.



City Councilor in Action

On national holidays Darren Wertz is the Councilor you will see out with other members of American Legion Post #44 proudly lining the streets of Ridgefield with American Flags. He’s also has a place on the wall at the local Post Office. (Courtesy of Carole Parker)  An Eagle Scout and American Patriot. A decorated US Army Veteran, father, husband and grandfather. 

In 2007 Darren helped reactivate the now nationally recognized Ridgefield American Legion Post 44 serving two terms as commander. At present he is serves as Post 44’s Legion Chaplain.

Darren first saw the Pacific Northwest when he flew into Ft. Lewis after his tour in Viet Nam. He returned to his family home in San Diego long enough to finish his degree in economics from UCSD. He then came north and completed a Master’s degree from U of O. (Go Ducks)

Darren was born in Denver, Colorado and his first job in Clark County was as economist for Clark PUD. After witnessing a 4th of July parade in Ridgefield in 1980 he purchased Pearl Talbots place and set about making Ridgefield his home.

Darren enjoys serving others and being involved in the community. He recently received an Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership from the Association of Washington Cities. He served on the Columbia River Economic Development Council and the Ridgefield Planning Commission until 2008 and has served as a City Council member ever since.

Darren’s current focus on City Council is bringing jobs and commercial development to the land that has been set aside for that purpose. He monitors changes in the city development code to enhance design for our new neighborhoods. He has long been a strong proponent for open space and a trail network that links our community.

Darren recently retired in 2015 from the Clark County Board of Equalization where he spent a dozen years helping hundreds of taxpayers get fair property tax assessments.

He and his wife, Juanita (a Ridgefield native) have been married since 2012. They both enjoy church, family, friends, doing business locally at Seasons or with Scott, Todd, Peggy Tony and other neighbors. They enjoy music especially bluegrass festivals and getting out in our wonderful outdoors. Darren skis and has been on Mt Hood Ski Patrol for the past 20 plus years. “Ridgefield is our home and we should all work to make it the best we can.”

Clark County Government should serve the people.